Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shift and reframe

If you change your thought it can change the world....

The cure for road rage is to say instead, "I have done that".

What if our worst trauma was joyfully chosen by our Higher Power? because Spirit is eternal and the human lifetime is a nanosecond?

What if these things were just that easy??

Friday, January 8, 2010

"I Am The Master of My Life"

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. Happy New Year, New Cycle, New Activations, New Life!

Have you landed (for a few minutes,) from the Cosmic stimulation, the whirlwind of gates, doorways, portals, spirals, moons (blue, silver and white,) and eclipses that have swept over us like Cosmic Tsunamis since the 11-11, 2009?

We did not just end a year; we stepped into another massive activation vortex on the 31st of December and for many, noticeably into a new dimension, that will forever change the history and experience of humankind through a reintroduction of the basic laws of alignment, attraction, multi-dimensional communication, intention and allowance.

Some shared with me that they felt as though they were lifted out of a tight box, feeling the expansion of the playing field along with their energy field.
Some are saying they are "happy for no reason." Another shared that it felt like "a fog of death has passed by us, scooping up those who were ready to go and giving wake up calls to those who aren't." All accounts are accurate.

So, take a short breather, because what's coming this month is going to continue to upend what we call the 'rational mind," stoke the fires of further change and amplify whatever state you are in, be it love or fear. Note: Choose your state of mind very carefully this month, it will have long reaching effects for you this year.

We have another New Moon - Solar Eclipse ahead mid-month, and then Mars in opposition to the Earth on the 29th. Mars in opposition to the Earth is going to create what some may feel as passion while others feel it as aggression. Consciously choose passion.

How we experience the opposition will be directly related to how we are learning to master the ways to work with the energies at hand, and whether we let unreliable belief systems interpret our reactions to the energies, or our higher vibratory perceptions, respond to them. At months end a Full Moon carries the energy of the Red Ray, which is all about change, power and connection to all Life.

During this action-orientated month, plug into what pleases you, and unplug from what does not. This strongly includes relationships. Honor yourself at every turn. Humankind has rarely honored themselves, via their heart channel, though often sacrificed themselves, believing that was a requirement to service. No further sacrifice required. Be of good service in a joyful way. The other is serving no one.

Use the days and the energies within them to actively chart your course, choice-by-choice, and relationship-by-relationship. This year you have every opportunity to consciously Master Your Life. The Universe is on your side as is the current cycle of energy. This is the time, the year and the month where the energy prepares and supports you to shift from what appeared to be your fate, into your destiny.

This is the year that many lies that have been passed down for millennia, that have kept you small will be exposed, by your own experiences, your dreams, and the appearances that many will call paranormal. You waited and waded through many lifetimes to come to this potential. Grab it with your full heart, and bring your life to LIFE. Open your eyes and your minds.

This month, implement something that you are passionate about. It will be supported. Commit to what you formerly believed was not possible, though you have long desired it. Go for it. Everything is possible now. Don't let your 'rational mind' (the one I call irrational,) have you believing otherwise.

Get clear about who you are, and what your relationship is to God and the Angels, to each other and yourself. Get into alignment and in love with each. LOVE is your Master Key. This is crucial to the unfolding of the rest of your year.

Also, get into rapport with your Higher Mind, your heart and your Soul. Listen to their messages and be creative on their behalf. They are your guiding Lights, assisting you greatly in Mastering Your Life. Learn to listen and take notes. Know you cannot fail, as long as you are in alignment with each.

Note: Once you are in rapport with your Higher Mind, heart and soul you may find yourself going in a direction that makes no 'sense' to you. Go for it! Consult with no one outside of yourself. You may well find your true peace while in the midst of the greatest adventure of your life! Those you need to assist you will show up to help, so don't strain your rational mind with "how am I going to do this?" Just move, (and use the 7 activations given at the end of this article,) while the energy is right there with you and supporting you.

Up until this point there has been much of what humans would like to call failure. It's not that there has been failure; there has been a lack of love behind endeavors. Many creations were born of the 'rational mind,' and human nature rather than the heart, soul, Higher Mind and Divine Nature, causing roadblocks and dead ends. That's what the rational mind deemed failure. Ignore it.

The heart would tell you that you just went down a passionless road that you weren't in love with in the first place. Exactly! No shame, no blame. So be it.

All that has gone on around us and in us since the 11:11 were impulses and energies to take us into to our hearts, prompt the opening of the Higher Mind, and unlock codes within our bodies to help us reach higher states of receptivity, creativity, unified and loving relationships and Higher consciousness.

No longer are we simply a grand experiment for God to experience more of Herself in while we are locked in our human nature. God desires the experience of our Divine Natures with all of its clarity, joy, passion, love and creativity. No longer are we mere beings in a body as a mandate to complete karma. Much of it, for many has been excused and transmuted by the Lords of Karma. Lets not create anymore. No longer are we "an instrument, a tiny pencil in the hands of the Lord with which He writes what He likes," (Mother Theresa).

We are the assembly of the Great Ones, The Emissaries, put on this Earth to create an order outside of time. We are Grand Creations who are being given every miracle to make the seemingly impossible possible, and to let us know FOR SURE, that we are capable of becoming Masters of our Life, not the hostages of our circumstances.

World Puja Network Jan newsletter

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

barren riches

The creek I walk next to loses a lot of its water as seasons shift. From a distance the mud looks like a wet black desert, but if you get up close you'll see it's covered with tiny furrows, pits, and bulges. This is evidence small creatures live there, although only the hungry ducks know where to find them. I intend to be like those birds as I survey my life's version of the mud flat, I will find the rich pickin's!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Impulses

"December Energies And Their Impulses"

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

What a compelling energetic month we are in the midst of with the energies of dynamic transformative radiant Love pouring in and through us that began on the portal day of the 11-11 and continue during the portal days of the 12-12 and 12-21.

Combined, these three portals form the Triad Star Gates of Love where both negative and positive energies are neutralized and become One Pure Energy of Love. Key words are Love and Neutralized.

Never before has this pure and loving Trinity of Energy, one after the other, been dispensed in and through us, impulsing us rapidly time and again to stoke the fires of our own intuition, reminding us that it is time to become One Pure Energy within ourselves.

Some may wonder why, if this energy is Pure Love, do I feel turbulent or even aggressive energy? The short answer is that this highly stepped up energy finds the places in each of us and in the mass consciousness (which we are linked to), where love is not. It purposefully stirs the pot, if you will, to bring up the particles of shadow energy, not yet healed, and not yet neutralized.

This Trinity of Energy is going for our cure, not necessarily our comfort, in the moment. Every step we actively take to becoming closer to who we really are, and act in accordance to that, we are going to find ourselves feeling beyond comfortable. (Keys below will help).

Master Lao Tzu said, "Mastering others requires force; mastering the self needs strength." Indeed!

Apart from being informed of this energetically compelling month, there truly is an urgent call to us from the benevolent Cosmic realms of consciousness asking us to play, cooperate and pro-actively engage in the powerful energies that afford us the opportunity to get closer to becoming One Pure Energy - the very essence of who we truly are.

Love, expansion, renewal, insight, and absolute ability to move further into our ascension are being offered this month through the impulses that I share below.

On these two magnificent portal days each of you will be actively impulsed (and fully supported) in three predominant ways.

I have listed the impulses below from first to third. Each impulse can and will be felt within you in whatever order is necessary to engage you into a pro-active state with them.

For some, the impulses have already begun, and actions born solely out of authenticity and love are being taken. These December impulses will assist to strengthen and focus your present and future actions evermore.

For many there will be an exquisite burst of Love that accompanies these impulses and a deep knowing that a cycle of personal disharmony has ended and a harmonious new one begun. You will continue to make discoveries about yourself you have never made before.

On both the 12-12 and the 12-21, it will serve you greatly to put yourself in a receptive, undistracted state of being for as long as possible. (If you can't go long, go for short, but make it a concentrated short). You don't have to go into meditation, just enter into an openhearted stillness so you are able to feel into the energies and impulses and turn them to your favor.


The first impulse will be to make the leap from dual nature to authentic nature, once and for all and all of the time. There is no getting around the fact that wherever duality is, harmony is not, power is lost and chaos ensues. This is not the state of an ascended being.

You are being supported to investigate, and then let every component of your dual nature be transmuted, regardless of the logic of your mind or the opinion of others. This first impulse requires your undivided, kind and gentle attention.

You know the difference between your two natures. Unlike your dual nature, your authentic nature isn't at war with itself. It's the nature that has completed its fascination with conflict, separation, imbalance, drama and story.

It's the one that has no relationship to "I can't" and a strong knowing of I can, for I AM. Your authentic nature, once accepted and worn powerfully, humbly, honestly, and continuously by you, will both energize and support you in your ascension, in your joy, your relationships and your life's work and service. It is the wearing of a dual nature that has been the cause of humanities exhaustion, discord and lack.

You are being impulsed to act only in accordance with your authentic nature from this day forward and as such, you are promised all of the Universal support and magic to start anew or continue on your decisive intentional harmonious journey forward.

Grab your power, harness the energies in the moment and step into the real you. Then watch what happens to your reality!

Suggestion: Monitor yourself. Make 7 stops during the day and ask yourself this question. Am I being real? Yes or no are your only choices. Be honest and course correct anytime. There is no penalty for honesty.

The second impulse will prompt you to allow your heart to burst wide open.
This will be your life's greatest blessing. Being openhearted, transparent, vulnerable and unrestricted will change the course of your life, and make a difference in the heart of humanity.

Please know that your life experiences were never intended to be heart attacks or provide material for you to build walls out of. Only your mind would tell you that an experience of the heart was an excuse to shut it down.

Love travels far and wide through every open heart. It is the only healing agent in existence. The more joy and love you flow from your heart, and into your heart, the greater the chances for a mass healing in human consciousness. In addition it is the only chance for our beloved Mother Earth to heal from not only a blatant disregard for her, but from the negative emotions that we have all put into her, while walking on her back. Love is the only way for all of nature to thrive, and the animal and mineral kingdoms to be safe.

During these portal days you will feel frequency pulses of the One Pure Energy around your heart chakra as the magnificence of this energy bores through ancient walls. Release your pain, the emotions and the stories and allow your heart to return to its original state. It cannot function behind walls or lock down and it cannot be selective about what it will or will not open up to. Let it be free, you are safe.

Many ask, "How may I best serve the Light?" The answer: open your heart.

Allow your heart to become the instrument of your affection and diligently learn the ways to think through it, rather than around it.

Suggestion: Each morning consciously engage with your heart. These words will help you. "Beloved heart of mine, the portal to all that is. I enter into you humbly and unguarded this day. I deposit my stories and excuses outside of your gateway. They no longer serve me. Please guide me through every step of my day. Beloved heart of mine, I set you free. I love you. I trust you. I will follow you. Together we are free.

The third impulse will be to let your imagination run wild. If you pay attention you will feel these energetic impulses stirring things up that have been buried deep, deep inside of you, things you may have barely dared to let come up and into the Light of day, for fear they would be looked upon as foolish, unlikely or impossible to accomplish. Everything in alignment with your authentic nature is possible. Everything.

You are being impulsed to let your imagination run wild to motivate you towards your passions and away from passivity. Passivity comes from a dual nature, exhausted by its fight to survive.

You are neither too old nor too young to build the life of your dreams starting now. Let your imagination run wild. See the end as your desired state and run with it. Bring your dreams to life first through your imagination, and then by your actions. Imagine God as your partner, and go for it.

A life lived without passion is an incomplete life. The upper regions of the 4th dimension and the entire 5th and 6th dimensions have no interest in hosting any who have separated from their passions. If you've separated from your passions, you have separated from your soul. Let the energy impulses assist you in realignment to this most significant part of yourself.

Suggestion: Every day go into stillness with eyes wide open for 20 to 30 minutes. If you can go outside and gaze at the sky while doing this, please do. If you can go into nature and do it, please do. If neither are available for you stare deeply into a crystal or the flame of a candle.

Ask your imagination to come up and play. Don't judge anything that comes up as absurd. Write down everything that your imagination delivers to you. Your imagination will lead you away from third dimensional restrictions and stagnant states of mind. Follow it. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." William Blake was quoted as saying, "Imagination is human existence itself."

As we close this cycle of time, and enter a new one, foreign in great part to what we are conditioned to, it is vital to employ the ways in which to direct your life purposefully. It is my prayer that the articles I write each month serve you in doing so, along with the many broadcasts on The World Puja Network. You are the steward of your most precious life. Be the best steward you can possibly be.

If you could imagine yourself as a great steward, what would that look like and how would you act?

Copyright Maureen Moss 2009. Please feel comfortable to share this with others. I just ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Introductory Coherence Technique

Being coherently aligned while radiating compassion and care increases focus and effectiveness. However, any genuine care and compassion you radiate benefits the planet, whether or not you are in total coherence. You can radiate care and compassion for the planet while riding down the road, exercising, working in the yard, standing in a grocery line or at any time you can squeeze it in. It all counts and adds to the collective intention.


1. Breathe and calm yourself in whatever ways you choose.
2. Choose something you appreciate – a person, pet, nature, etc. – and radiate the feeling of appreciation to them for about 2 minutes.

This helps open the heart more and increases your effectiveness when you start sending care to the planet or to a situation in need.
3. Now evoke the genuine feelings of compassion and care for the planet.
4. Breathe the feelings of compassion and care going out from your heart.

To help with focus, some people imagine the compassion and care flowing out the way an ocean wave flows toward a beach. Some imagine their compassion radiating as a beam of light. Others simply radiate it out with the rhythm of their breath. There are no hard and fast rules on how you do this. People are different, so find what suits you.
5. Radiate the genuine feelings of compassion and care to the planet or to a specific area of immediate need.
6. See yourself, along with other caretakers, participating in this process of healing and facilitating peace.

(If you have an emWave®, use it while practicing this introductory coherence technique.)

How long should you do the technique?

That’s for you to decide. Most people do it at least 5 minutes a day to help build their personal coherence. As people increasingly understand the wholeness benefits of coherence for the sender and the receiver, they often increase the length of time. Sometimes you’ll want to spend more time and other times less, based on how you feel and your schedule.

Know that compassion for others is never wasted. It just has its own timing and higher discernment in how it plays out.

—Doc Childre